Go Tuft Your World

Postcard, 5''x7''/4''x6'', Digital Art

Tufting is a modern weaving method, also the simplest way we use to produce hand made rugs, coasters, and decorate a mirror. It is basically the act of a needle punching through a piece of fabric/ primary cloth and shooting different colors of yarns into it. 

A modern tufting gun consists of three parts, the needle, the scissor and a motor. It is used to shoot the yarn through the fabric while passing by vertically. This leaves a yarn loop at the back and the front for each shot. Upon completion, the back loops are fixed in place with carpet glue and the front loops are opened, forming the pile.

We always use duckbill scissors and trimmers to trim after tufting. It helps better outline the lines and details, trim the edges; Have radian once, and then insert the scissors in two different colors of yarn, the inclined clip you want to reduce areas. Use the clippers/trimmers on the surface of the rugs and gently push off the excess yarns. 

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